Meet Calia and her big              project!

Ten year old Calia would rather stay in her small Washington town and play freely in the woods than move to a big city in California.

When she discovers her new neighborhood, it's a shock. Something important is missing in the picture:  trees!

On her quest to bring nature back into her new urban life and feel more at home, Calia is going to build a strong community of helpers among the kids in her street and far beyond, going through unexpected challenges, adventures and receiving priceless gifts...

Chapter Book:  7 – 10 years

Manuscript available to literary professionals

Writing for children.  Writing for nature.

"Lynda A. Salcedo takes the young reader to a wonderful realm of authentic simplicity that elegantly reconciles modern children concerns with the roots of what it means to be part of a living planet. At once candid and penetrating in its embrace of the present moment, Calia's world and journey bring forth positive role models for children in a delightful style." 

David Couchariere, Writer / Dramatica Story Consultant