My stories 

Bees at the heart of my new fantasy 

An adventurous Middle Grade fantasy about the secret league of the last beekeepers on Earth.

A desperate attempt to save bees and escape an eminent danger, helped by a group of daring children who are leading the way, with a touch of unexpected magic.

Somewhere in beautiful Scandinavia...



Nope, feline life isn't just napping and eating!

Wether they have nine lives or not, this one is precious.

This new story brings awareness about cats' fascinating and tumultuous life in the city. In this openhearted middle grade fiction, we follow a clan of cats telling us their own version of an unpredictable life, with fun and sometimes raw authenticity.

When Dune, the courageous young female of the clan finds her kittens in a life threatening situation, she seeks help from her feline friends to improve their life in the streets. 

Will humans be their enemies or their allies in this quest?  

They'll let you know soon...

Calia and The Big GREEN

Manuscript available to literary professionals

A contemporary realistic fiction, filled with adventure and mystery.

Ten year old Calia would rather stay in her small town and play freely in the woods than move to a big city. She discovers her new neighborhood and it's a shock. Something important is missing in the picture: trees!  

On her quest to bring nature back into her new urban life, Calia builds a strong community of helpers among the neighborhood kids and far beyond, going through unexpected challenges, adventures and receiving priceless gifts.

A Chapter Books about the lack of nature in the city, seen from a modern children's point of view.

I hope Calia sprouts a seed of interest in your heart!